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Heartland Bluegrass Music
Association of Florida

Bluegrass music is one of America's only original forms of music. As such it is worthy of preservation, promotion, and participation by a dedicated group of people. We believe that this music engenders a sense of belonging, encourages musicians and spectators alike to come together and share their love and appreciation for this aspect of Americana. To many of us, it is a “family,” because regardless of where we go to hear or play bluegrass music, we are warmly welcomed and embraced by other bluegrassers.   

Our Mission:
"To preserve, encourage and promote traditional Bluegrass music and its evolving variants, and to provide a venue and a matrix within which we bring together those persons desiring to preserve, encourage and promote said music."

Heartland Bluegrass


Heartland's July weekend is the 25th-26th.

We'll have all of our activities in the front section of the park.


Saturday's show lineup is:

1:00 Larry Wilson & Friends

2:00 Heartland Jam Band

3:00 Bits of Grass

The August 23rd show lineup includes:

1:00 Capt. Joe & the Bottom Feeders

2:00 Heartland Jam Band

3:00 Bugtussle Ramblers

The September 27th show will feature two bands new to us:

If And When

Heartland Jam Band

Blue Echo

(Times TBA)

Camping rates remain the same at $5 per night for dry camping and $20 per night for full hookups, including cable TV. Membership information and applications are available at the admission table. Be sure to renew your memberships. Remember, Heartland is the only bluegrass association in the south of Florida with low, low membership rates, a home base with a terrific campground and show venue, and the finest people in you'll ever meet.

For more information: (941) 467-2051

Web: www.heartlandbluegrass.org

Email: heartlandbluegrass@gmail.com

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